Submit Multimedia Files

Submit your multimedia files directly toour editorial office via

For fast uploads please attach your file(s)as compressed zip. files. Before submit your multimedia files, please check thefollowing points. 

1)  All the multimedia files limitedto 20 minutes are in mp4, flash video (flv.), MPEG(MPEG video file), DVD videoformat, mov.,  avi., and mwv. formats or video on CD/DVD.

2) Please set the video aspect ratio as 4:3or 16:9 (widescreen). The original video should be of high quality. Theresolution is no less than 1280*720, the frame rate no less than 24 frames persecond and the bit rate no lower than 5Mbps.

3) All the text notes, explanations ordescriptions, etc. in the video must be in English. And the logo or watermarkof hospital should not be stick on the screen. Plus, the information ofpatients should be erased from the video.

4) The legends for the video should beprovided. The video should be numbered consecutively in the order of reference inthe text.

For promotion, all accepted videos will be subsequently included in AME Surgical Video Database (ASVIDE: and its youtube channel (

Once upload has been initiated, do notclose the window until you have received on screen confirmation that yourupload has been successful. Please note that the maximum size of each file hasa limit of 2GB. If your file(s) for submission are greater than this limit,please divide the file into multiple segments, with the file names labelled inthe correct order. 

You could see the authors’ instruction for moreinformation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: